Whitewater Rafting : On the Rio Acequias in Barinas, adventure tour company Arassari Trek took us on a bumpy, adrenaline-pumping ride down a Grade 3 stretch of foaming rapids. It helps if everybody rows together. For more details of rafting in Barinas contact Arassari Trek. Vibrant Folk Festivals: The Locainas de Santa Rita are gentlemen who dress like ladies for a day during the festivities in honor of San Isidro, as Santa Rita in popular lore is the wife of the saint. As their name suggests, these ladies can get quite "loco" during the festivities held on May, and after dancing with their sticks they try to liven up the festive mood by flirting with the men in the crowd.

Labels: Bradt GuidecablecarCaracascocheCubaguafestival foodFitvenfolk festivalsInstagramMargaritaMeridaMinturmountainsRussell MaddickstelefericotourismtravelVenezuelavenezuelaguide. Thursday, February 10, Piaroa kids snack on tarantulas in the jungle. This cute little clip from the BBC's new Human Planet series follows a group of young Piaroa children from Venezuela's Amazonas State as they hunt for spiders to snack on. These are no ordinary spiders, but the largest spider of all, the fearsome Goliath tarantula Theraphosa blondi which can give a nasty nip with its venomous fangs and also protects itself with irritating urticated hairs that it flicks off its abdomen when threatened with attack.

The effect is similar to horse-hair itching powder on the skin, but if breathed into the throat it can cause serious respiratory problems. The clip was first shown on British TV on 3 February Labels: Amazonaseating spidersgoliath tarantulaOrinocoPiaroarainforesttheraphosa blondiVenezuelan Indian. Wednesday, December 15, Speak like a native - Pemon and Warao basics.

Russell Maddickshellohow to sayinindigenousindioslanguagenumbersPemonRoraimaspeakVenezuelan IndianWarao. You can find the full documentaries on Youtube but here is my favourite episode, when Ray meets Venezuelan snake expert and naturalist Jesus Rivas and we learn a little more about some of the smaller inhabitants of the rainforest.

PemonrainforestRay MearssurvivalYekuanaYunek. This short film produced by Venezuelan videographer Angel Rizo and Francesca Staasch and directed by Enrique Blein Gerstl documents the life and beliefs of the Yekuana people of the Venezuelan rainforest as expressed through their games. The filmmakers travelled to Santa Maria del Erebato in the Yekuana heartland to discover the games the Yekuana play to express mythic concepts and train the boys in hunting skills.

The narrator describes how the Yekuana, also known as Maquiritare, believe that the jaguar must only ever be killed in self-defence as he was once a man. The myth states that a lazy man who refused to take part in the heavy labours of his village was cast out and forced to fend for himself, eventually turning to cannibalism, eating his own to survive.

They also believe that powerful shamans can take on the form of a jaguar to kill their enemies, which is very similar to the Pemon's belief in Canaima, an evil spirit that can bring death and often takes jaguar form. Saturday, March 13, On the trail of painted ladies in Amazonas.

Sometimes it takes so long to get your hands on a coveted object that you can end up with something that only vaguely resembles the treasured thing you originally set your heart on. That is what happened to me recently, when I finally got my hands on a Hiwi ceramic figurine below after 10 years of fruitless searching. The Hiwi are an indigenous people who live along the Orinoco River and its tributaries near Puerto Ayacucho, where one bank of the mighty river is in Venezuela and the other in Colombia.

They also inhabit the savannahs along Colombia's Meta and Vichada rivers and some groups are found in Venezuela's Apure, Guarico and Bolivar states. There are nearly 15, Hiwi in Venezuela and more than twice that in Colombia. In Spanish their tribal name is rendered as Jivi, or Guajibo sometimes spelled Guahibo and they speak a language which was once thought to be Arawakan but is now classed as Independent.

The Hiwi are noted for their skill at making necklaces and decorated baskets and they produce sought-after hammocks from moriche palm known as "chinchorro" in Venezuela.Not yet. With a RedRocket card you should be able to give them an express turn around. I do NOT dig not having proxies. Is it usable maybe for SD resolution screening? They are very useful in doc work for me, especially going through and transcribing long interviews. Would love to have that option on Epic.

Ken, what can of image do you get, I've never seen one. Is it very low compression, or could you get away with it, showing it on a x enviroment? We like the proxies!! I agree. There's no substitute for that. Had I had to additionally make full-length Prores versions of every file before I could even start cutting, I'd still be rendering everything out. I still dont understand what the red rocket card does??? The Red Rocket is a hardware decoder card that goes into your computer and handles processing of the RAW files you shoot.

enrique blein

It's capable of crunching that specific data at a very fast rate - what this means for you is realtime playback of 4K files and much, much faster transcoding of the files into other codecs than your CPU can. These days - especially with the increased data rates of the Epic - it's a pretty mandatory part of the RED workflow.

The proxies are fractional debayers of the master footage. Resolution is relative and depends on what size the material was acquired.

Venezuelan Indian

I would say you can display x of the M proxies sourced from 4K - but it's not the best solution. Newer color sciences are totally fuzzed when playing though them. They are really there for offline in FCP on smaller projects, although some attest to feature length use. Truth be told, I don't use them anymore but I can see how others might. Is there a way to generate the Proxies with Red Cine X? I have tried to eport proxies selecting Quicktime Wrapper as export format, the proxies show up in the R3D folder but wont play back, I only see a green or grey image - even after using the latest Final Cut Studio Installer to update the Quicktime Codec still wont play back.

Any ideas? Our postproduction workflow is also dedicated to the proxies. When you send your fcp project to color you are working directly on the raw files and there is never a need for transcoding. You just work with the proxies which you can update in redcine-x and they are being replaced on your timeline immediatly and at the end you just render to high quality in color. You should do this last step in color. I would not advice grading and rendering the proxies in fcp, but some people do that.

I am working on the offline of a three year old project original M sensor and using the proxies and redalert to update them, works like a charm and is really fast. Did the transcoding proces only once took hours and in the end I had to transcode another time, just to get the raw tab back in color.

So transcoding two times vs. I choose not Kobe, you can't use the same workflow with the Epic, even if it had proxies. Color does not support Epic R3d's footage.

enrique blein

I choose not :- The other huge advantage is that you're only transcoding the exact parts of the footage you need, not the entire files, bad takes, or anything else that won't ever be used. That's a ridiculous time savings.GPS Tracker in Camera case? Japan in 8K 60fps. How to change the internal Ronin S and Red Raven? Izabela - LongTakeStudio Hot Swap Batteries on Epic-X.

Film Making Masterclass with Fashion Film Test with Gemini RRencode Plugin. Who's still rocking a Mac 5,1? Click here if you found a problem or have a problem; after you have made a RED. RED doesn't save last Two new pro sound recorders Budget PL Options. Live 8K output? Quad 12G?? Real Time 3D preview on Sergey Kravchenco not to be Nikon Mount Aluminum and Have a problem? Need to get something off your chest? We do read them.

Monstro is here! Threads :Posts : 1, Members : 73. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. People who were born in year See also category: deaths. Category births. Subcategories This category has the following subcategories, out of 2, total. Allen Sr. Media in category " births" The following files are in this category, out of total.

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Dolphins: Entrevista a Enrique Blein - Director de FotografĂ­a

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enrique blein

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James Pennsylvania Congressman.From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. People who died in year See also category: births. Category deaths. Subcategories This category has the following subcategories, out of 1, total. Media in category " deaths" The following files are in this category, out of total. Midgley Cash. Wellcome V Robert Abrams.

Adams-Max Friedmann Adolf Andren. Agostino Viela Ezcurdia, C. Agustin Lanuza. Ahmed Hamdi Bey Apaydin. Alexey Ostrovskiy. Alfonso Miquel Garriga, C. Alfred Dixon. Alice Countess of Leicester. Militante de Izquierda Republicana. Empresario del sector agrario. O Roque. De Cabeiras, maestro en Pazos Barcela.Buscar en este blog.

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A la vuelta te hice un ramo. Y hablando de estas pamplinas. De noche, muertos de luna. Por eso yo, al enterarme. Pero a sus nombres hay que sumar el de muchas otras vidas que marcan las nuestras con fechas imborrables. Se hablaron, se enamoraron, se quisieron, se amaronFind out more about the cast and crew that have worked with History Channel.

If you are interested in working with History Channel or similar companies, join The Mandy Network and get alerted of upcoming job opportunities. The History Channel is a cable television channel, which primarily presents programming related to historical events and persons—often with observations and explanations by noted historians as well as reenactors and interviews with witnesses.

Some of the original programming is also shown on History Television in Canada. For details of known History Channel vacanciesplease check our jobs board for more information. Advertise Here.

Vikings 5. Stefano Fasce Composer. Trent Longo Actor. Harriet Fisher Writer. Tony Dare Camera Assistant. Luis Rivera Creative Director. Emmanuel Martinez Sound Designer. David Shannon Actor. Christopher Pizzey Voice Over: English. Liam Clarke Actor. Ben McKeown Actor. Cody Alderman Camera Assistant. Becky Wright Voice Over: English. Megan Cookson Production Assistant. Byron Filler Editor.

Sophia Parella Production Designer. Elif Knight Actor. Enrique Blein Camera Operator. Tom Hopper Sound Mixer. Next Page. Crew Profile.

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